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    I just got Edie's "What Women Want" DVD in the mail and, although I've just started it, I've already have some comments.

    On the comment about it's not necessarily natural for guys to be World Class Leads, all I have to say is Amen sister. When I first started out, I made the Keystone Cops look like the Bolshoi Ballet. But fortunately, I have a friend that really helped me out. Even though I was a beginner, she would expect me to give a good lead, even if it was only a simple right turn. If I gave a wimpy lead, she'd just stop and want me to try it again. These days I lovingly call her Santa Maria, La Madre de mi Salsa - the Mother of my Salsa.

    On the comment about letting the woman dance, one good piece of advice that someone gave me was go slow and let me shine. And let me tell you, this woman can shine.
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    I Agree - Copas BANG!!

    I really like Copas too. That's all the guys do out here on the East Coast! When done well, it's one of the hottest moves on the floor.
    I think because the girl goes back and forth SO FAST, that it looks like the guy created some kind of MAGIC TRICK! ha ha ha ha!!!

    Love it.
    - Bcali