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    Ladies, do you have a favorite move that guys do? Guys, do you have a move that you love to do?

    Me, I love a copas.

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    A well led move does make things a lot easier. A lot of my partners do tell me that I'm easy to follow. I'm defiantly working towards getting on Edie's World Class Leads List.

    But still, copas are fun.


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      I love copas!!!!

      It's too bad that it is not very popular yet here in Colorado. My goal is to CHANGE THAT! LOL!
      I remember being introduced to Copas in LA from the Salseros from New York when they came to do shows out there even before there was such a thing as a "Congress".

      It was back in 1998. A bunch of New Yorkers flew in to Los Angeles, and threw down a show to die for. I'll never forget that. Nelson Flores, Addie Diaz, Bitiko ... all of them were with the company called "Descarga Latina". It was awesome. Janette Valenzuela danced with them as well. That caused a stir! She was awsome! We were fascinated with Dancing "On-2"... "What the heck was that all about?" We could not understand why people would dance on a different beat of the music than what we were taught.

      Like everything else us "LA people" do, we very quickly openly adapted to new and "strange" stuff, and were able to do "both" in a relatively short period of time. Manny Siverio came from New York... Jimmy Anton and his troop... it was an amazing time to see both Coasts come together. After that, the LA-Based Salsa Brava dance company went to New York, and with Luis, Johnny, and Francisco, threw down "on-1" shows that people could not believe. They had never seen such "Hollywood" flash... neck drops, flips, splits... it was all a CRAZY TIME!!!

      About a yeat later, we saw the New Yorkers starting to do tricks and lifts, and they saw Us (LA folks) doing "On-2" and arm-styling!!!

      The one thing I do remember is the "Copa" step. Wow! It was such a cool-feeling when executed. Guys like Frankie Martinez could lead it with simple little, teensy weensie "taps" on the girl, while he "styled" through the process.

      As a woman, you REALLY have to get "over" doing the "Cumbia" step - because the lead is almost identicle if not verbally told ... "turn Left!" by the leader during the move.

      Which brings me to this thought... I "adore it" when the guy helps me through a complicated move VERBALLY. "turn right... turn left"... THAT really helped me through a lot of Congresses back in the day, when both Coasts were coming up with WEIRD MOVES that only their own partners could follow.

      I had to rip Super Mario and Ismael Otero a new "@$$#0L&" when we could not follow their moves anymore. That is a story I will talk about later.
      I think I did an interview of it here:

      Any thoughts?
      I made a DVD of [ATTACH=CONFIG]284[/ATTACH] HOW TO COPA if you want to learn:
      - Edie
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