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  • High Heels are Killing Me

    High Heels are Killing Me

    Dear Edie I live in on the east coast and have followed your articles for years. You are a great inspiration to me. I have a nagging question and just know you are the one to ask. I am 41 years old and a pretty good dancer. I practice all the time. I STUDY dancing...videos, you tube, performances, classes, private lessons, etc. But you know what - my dancing SUCKS (well maybe doesn't suck, but is nowhere near as good) in HIGH heels. I have no fun. I can't spin as wel...
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  • The Dress Devil

    The Dress Devil

    THE DRESS DEVIL Special thanks to Yohay Aharon for submitting this.. It is Saturday night or any other evening wear your Salsa virus is taking over your mind, body, and soul. You are going to a club where you know there is a good music, dance floor and beautiful ladies. You are going to enjoy a great night of Salsa dancing! The band is playing Frankie Ruiz’s "Puerto Rico" and you are scanning the area for the prefect dance partner. You finally lay your eyes on a beautif...
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  • What to Wear?

    What to Wear?

    Swimsuit under a flair skirt...

    Do you think that certain swimsuits look better than others (e.g. the ones with more frills or the ones with the "x" at the back)? I think that the swimsuit that I have looks too much like you know what I mean? It's just a regular tank type with the entire back exposed. What do you think?"
    Good question. One piece swimsuits are great for dancing with a skirt. The type should be the fancy, non-Speedo type. Don't get t...
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  • Hot Pants Hint

    Hot Pants Hint

    Ladies, do you own a pair of hot pants that don't not look too hot on you because they are not tight enough to hold you together?
    I have a great solution for you.

    Buy a pair 70% lycra panty hose or any other hose that is SO SO tight that makes you look flawless. They are about $8.00. Hold it!... I know what you are thinking by now..
    "But I don't want to wear nasty thick hosiery with my sexy shoes!"
    No problem, here is the secret: ...
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  • Chafed Nipples

    Chafed Nipples

    If you're wearing a dress, and during dancing, you realize it's "rubbing" your nipples raw... If you realize this during dancing, and don't want to go home due to your Salsa-fix needs, go to the management's office at the club, and ask for some tape - any tape. Tape 'em up baby! But, if you know this PRIOR to going out, see about sewing a bra into the inside of the dress. Make sure bra is the same color as the dress. If that doesn't work, and you refuse to wear a bra, wear ...
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  • Too Tight

    Too Tight

    When is a dress too tight?

    LADIES... your dress or outfit is too tight when you can see your PANTY LINE at your waist and/or hips.
    You can do one or all of the following:

    1) Buy a larger dress / outfit
    2) Get underwear that doesn't cut into your body, creating .
    3) Wear black
    4) Stay home

    Happy Dancing!
    - Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!
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