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  • Use Anti-Fungal Foot Spray for your Armpits!!!

    Use Anti-Fungal Foot Spray for your Armpits!!!

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  • Salsa Competitions

    Salsa Competitions

    Competitions, Competing, Judging... etc, etc...
    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Edie's Thoughts...
    I've spoken, and "typed" to tons of people about the competition. I could write for hours and hours about all the stories both good and bad,coming in right and left about this contest. But first of all, let me say from what I've been told and what I've seen, that the Los Angeles Mayan Salsa Competition is the most glamorous, most prestigious Salsa compe...
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  • Creating Something out of Nothing

    Creating Something out of Nothing

    Creating Something
    Out of Nothing...

    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Creating something... out of nothing... where nothing existed before... A profound thought came across me while I was driving home tonight with members of the Salsaweb staff and video Advisory Board after our pre-shoot at the television studio. We were JAMMING in the FREAK-Mobile, listening to Celia Cruz sing her fabulous songs, "Bembelequa" and "La Guagua" off her Irrepetible CD. It suddenly o...
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  • Preparing for a Salsa Cruise!!

    Preparing for a Salsa Cruise!!

    This article is constantly being updated,
    so log in frequently to read more info to come!! - Edie

    Get $50 off if you register for the Aventura Dance Cruise this week!
    Promo code: Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Preparing for a Dance Cruise!!

    Going on a Dance Cruise?
    Here's the SCOOP:
    The "Who, What, Where, When, and How" of Dance Cruising!!

    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    I've taught...
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  • Sore Feet

    Sore Feet

    Feet Sore Yet?

    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK SPENCO Inserts... A Dancers DREAM!!!

    Throughout my years of dancing BLISS,
    I’ve experienced virtually every type of foot, knee and hip problem imaginable.

    Because dancing is not only my passion, but also my profession,
    I decided to get serious about taking care of the most important tool of my trade:


    I’ve seen more dancers with shortened or ruined careers...
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  • Making Normal Shoes... INTO DANCE SHOES!!

    Making Normal Shoes... INTO DANCE SHOES!!

    Ever wanted those cool, comfortable shoes to be DANCE SHOES TOO???

    Here's Edie's latest "DO IT YOURSELF" tip on how to re-sole and wear your favorite "Day Shoes... DANCING!!!" ...
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  • Those Men Look Like Women on Stage

    Those Men Look Like Women on Stage

    "OK Edie, I just got back from two Salsa Congresses in [city] and [city]. I noticed that most (not all) of the "On-2" routines... well, how can I put this. I'll just say it. OK. All the "On-2" routines, the guys fingers, arm styling, body movements etc., MATCHED THE GIRLS. It looked like a bunch of GIRLS up there, but half of them were MEN!!! What are your thoughts on this? What's up with the men's styling "On-2" lately? I mean, if you take a look at the video,...
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  • Where There is a Will, There is a Way

    Where There is a Will, There is a Way

    Dear Edie, I love Salsa dancing more than just about anything and hope someday to be able to perform and compete. I am a female musician and have experience in many other kinds of dance including ballet, jazz, modern, Middle Eastern, and Indian classical dance. Whenever I am in my hometown or traveling, I try to take as many classes (usually private) as possible. After finishing school, I'm considering moving to a city where I could find more opportunities for learning Salsa. However, at the...
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  • Bad Taste

    Bad Taste

    "Dear Edie, I used to always wear something real "hot" to go dancing. People didn't exactly fall in line to dance with me though, and I figured it was because I'm white and I haven't established myself as a Salsera here in [the city]. One night, a Friday, I was so tired from work that I didn't change for [a hot Salsa club]: I just wore black slacks and a simple, conservative white blouse. I never sat down. So many men asked me to dance! So I've experimented with this and got a lot more co...
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  • But I'm Asian

    But I'm Asian

    I enjoy your column. Insightful, humorous and true in many respects. However, I must qualify your statement about Take a Private Lesson to Get Better...when women say no. I believe you are being a bit simplistic in your explanation of what constitutes a no. As in any situation, prejudices abound in some form or another and there may well be other forces at work against you. I know quite a few friends who have been turned down because of the way they look. To some, appearances are the pri
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  • Changing Clothes

    Changing Clothes

    I have been DYING to do a story about this! I thought I was the only one that did this! I ran into my girlfriend Marla at a Salsa Club Sunday night in Los Angles, and the both of us had been dancing at other clubs and taking various classes that whole day... we saw each other (again) that evening, and started some "girl-talk" on how we changed our outfits between clubs...In the bathroom...

    • While driving down the freeway, doing "65"...
    • In dark parking lots...
    • Behind a tree...
    • In
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  • Raw Nipples

    Raw Nipples

    Dear Edie,
    I really want to thank you Edie. Ever since you gave me your tips on cross dress for Latino men in need of female cross dressing company (wow! now that is a long ass book title if i ever saw one!), i just can't keep the women off of me. I'm so popular at the clubs with my hairy legs exposed that women just trip and go ga-ga over me.

    Though I have a little favor to ask. if I decide not to wear a bra, how can I avoid the soreness due to the rawness
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  • How to Find Salsa Clubs

    How to Find Salsa Clubs

    How I find Salsa Clubs out of town...
    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    Every city I visit I research the Internet for local Salsa clubs. If I can't find any in that town, this is what I do. .... I get online and search for all the local "Mexican Restaurants" - better yet, Cuban and Puerto Rican food, (if there are any..), and give them a call. Then, I ask to speak to a Spanish-speaking waiter. I then stumble through my own Spanish, and ask if he knows of any Salsa Clubs...
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  • How to Find a Private Lesson Instructor

    How to Find a Private Lesson Instructor

    "Dear Edie, I am new to Salsa and took three private classes when on vacation in [country], last month. Now that I'm back home here in the (USA) I can't find private instructors outside of (city) area. I called the studios and most want to suck me into their world of group classes etc / contracts, but I work evenings and can't really participate to a large degree in these packages. So, question is, can you recommend private instructors in (city) area? Also about how much do these classes run? I...
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  • Salsa Festival Switzerland

    Salsa Festival Switzerland

    Zurich, Switzerland's Salsa Kongress
    ...The Finest of World Class Events
    By Edie, The Salsa FREAK!!

    So I get this email...

    "Dear Edie, I want to invite both you to our Salsa Kongress in Zurich Switzerland this year. We will cover all of your expenses. You don't have to teach, nor perform, just be there with us, as our guests of honor." - Thomas Stadler, Zurich Salsa Kongress Event Promoter...
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