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  • Everything was going well, UNTIL...

    Everything was going well, UNTIL...

    Dear Edie, Well, I've finally reached the point, and I knew that I would. I told you last Saturday that I had the urge to ask for your advice, and now I've reached a desperate point. I've been dancing for 4 years now and competing for only one. I've had a wonderful time dancing, but awful luck with partners. I finally got a new partner after the last one was rude, disrespectful, and down right mean. I was so happy for the first 3 months we were dancing and practicing, I saw no signs of psych...
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  • Women, Women, Women!!

    Women, Women, Women!!

    "Dear Edie, My friend and I have a long-running competition for the number of different women we can dance with in a single evening. The rules are that it has to be a partner dance (eg. Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, etc.) and you have to dance the whole dance except for a small allowance for changing partners between records. The record used to be 22 which I held for about a year but at a recent function I managed 30. My friend danced all night and only managed 21 because he wa...
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  • Going Alone

    Going Alone

    going alone, alone

    "Dear Edie, I am planning to go Salsa dancing alone this weekend. This will be my first time unaccompanied by a man or even girlfriends. I was wondering if you could give me some tips and etiquette advice on how to carry myself with class yet not look too desperate to dance. I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea about my being there alone. Should I lie to them and say I'm meeting someone so I won't look so vulnerable? Also, where should I sit, at th...
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  • Jealousy


    "Dear Edie,
    I read your response to "Just Trying to Help" concerning his jealous partner. The same thing happened to me except I was the jealous one. My EX-fiance is a dance instructor and has been dancing for many years. I on the other hand am new to the dance scene. I really love it and am addicted to Salsa. However, I am not very good...yet. When we started going out we would go to the clubs together and dance all night and have a great time. Then I noticed that he start
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  • Dancing Salsa is Divine MADNESS!!

    Dancing Salsa is Divine MADNESS!!

    They say, that "Madness" is from God.
    ... and that "Sanity" is "human".

    The Divine is Holy...

    People "in the know", understand and will agree COMPLETELY that Divine Madness describes Salsa...

    That's the ONLY WAY to explain this... feeling... this... MADNESS!!! ...
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  • guy
    started a topic Just Complaining.

    Just Complaining.

    Dear Edie
    I am just complaining hear and ventilating lots of frustration with salsa dancers.

    I am 61 years old male and 2nd generation...
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